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download (1)At A&A Transmission, we understand that any issue with your vehicle can be stressful, and that’s particularly true when it comes to transmissions. That’s why you need a transmission shop with technicians that are not only highly trained, but trustworthy.

Owner Brian Filippone, a lifelong car enthusiast and repair expert, opened his Oklahoma City company in 2004 and expanded it in 2012. Brian and his crew are trained in all aspects of manual and automatic transmission repairs, but Brian has also earned a stellar reputation for his work on high-performance transmissions.

With racing a popular pastime in the area, many drivers turn to Brian to build a transmission specifically suited for the track. Reality TV has taken notice of his reputation in the field; Brian has a recurring role on the Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws, and regularly does transmission work for Outlaws’ star Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley.

The fact that drivers who need the ultimate in performance turn to Brian only proves how skilled he and his team are in the industry. We’re proud to put that expertise to work for you, no matter what your needs are.

A&A Transmisssion is affiliated with the non-profit Automatic Transmission Rebuilder Association (ATRA). As members, we are committed to the group’s high standards and adhere to their bylaws and code of ethics. As our customer, you can rest assured that we will not remove a transmission in order to complete a repair unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you’ve been searching for a top-quality Oklahoma City transmission shop, give us a call today. We’ll take care of your transmission repair needs with skill and efficiency, and we’ll have you back on the road as soon as possible. Contact us for help!

Transmission Repair Services

Tops in Oklahoma City transmission repair, rebuilds

fordlogoIn every vehicle, the transmission’s job is to shift gears and to push power down to the wheels, based on the speed you’re going at any time. When the transmission starts to malfunction or wear down, you should take heed and quickly have the issue looked at by a professional. Many of these problems start out small and only grow larger over time — and once that happens, you’ll be facing more expense to repair it.

Whether you’re needing a minor repair (when just one part of the transmission needs fixing or replaced) or a rebuilt unit (completely disassembling the transmission and putting in new components), we are the pros to contact for help. We are proud to be the Oklahoma City transmission shop to beat for customer service and high-quality transmission repair work. Put our skills to work for you!

Among the services we offer:

  • 4X4 Repair: There’s nothing we don’t know about working on four-wheel drive transmissions; owner Brian Filippone and his crew have spent years and years fixing or rebuilding them.
  • Automatic Transmission Repair: Warning signs of this type of trouble include hesitation on the road, a whining or humming noise, fluid leaks, the “check engine” light coming on and a burning smell. If you’re experiencing any of these, come by and let us take a look for you.
  • Manual Clutch Service and Repair: Some clutches will last up to seven years, but that’s not a concrete number; factors such as frequent hill climbing will play a part. Signs to look out for: decreased gas mileage, a revving engine when the vehicle starts moving, an odd smell or a scratching noise on the road, and an increase in downshifting in order to make it up a hill.
  • Shift Kit Installations: Often used by drivers with high-performance vehicles, a shift kit can also improve gas mileage for everyday cars and trucks as well. Not only could it save you money at the pump, but a shift kit will also reduce wear and tear on your transmission.
  • Commercial Vehicle Transmission Service: From police cars to 18-wheelers, we’ll take care of all of your needs when it comes to your fleet’s transmissions. We offer discounts to repeat customers and put a priority on our commercial jobs, because we know your company’s bottom line depends on having working, healthy vehicles at all times.
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange: When it’s healthy, your transmission fluid will tend to be bright red in color. Once it begins to deteriorate, it will become darker and won’t function as well. We’ll quickly determine whether it’s time for yours to be exchanged with fresh fluid, and we’ll then have you back on the road as quickly as possibly.

High-Performance Services

Transmissions for hot rods and street racing

Farm Truck(4)It’s no secret that A&A Transmission owner Brian Filippone has a passion for rebuilding transmissions that are tested on the track; his work has been featured on the Discovery Channel show Street Outlaws, as well as the series Pinks: All Out. He’s been working in the auto-repair industry since the age of 14, but it was in the area of transmission rebuilding that he found his calling. Brian opened a small Oklahoma City-area shop in 2004, and as┬ábusiness kept getting better, he broke ground on a new, much-larger transmission facility in 2012. The family-owned and operated┬ácompany includes Brian’s wife, Jennifer Filippone, and his mother-in-law, Leslie Tippet, on staff.

As for the rest of the staff, he’s put together a trusted team of professional technicians who share the same passion for working on high-performance transmissions, so you’ll know you’re in good hands. Whether you own a hot rod and would like its transmission to truly stand out from the rest, or even if you strive to have your street car featured on a racing reality show, we’re here to help turn that dream into reality!

A&A Transmission is proud of the reputation we’ve developed over time in the Oklahoma City racing community. We specialize in high-performance transmissions for street cars and hot rods, and we will put that knowledge to work for you. Contact us today to get started on transforming your vehicle.

Remember, we will never remove a transmission for repairs unless it’s absolutely necessary. A&A Transmission is Oklahoma City transmission shop to trust for fast, reliable transmission repair every time. Come by to see us today!