3 Car Maintenance Tips for New Drivers

Teen Who doesn't Know Car Maintenance

Teaching Your Teens About Car Maintenance Can Save Them From Being Stranded on the Side of the Road.

If you have a new driver in your family, then you know how excited they are to finally be able to take themselves places. As you release them onto the roads, you might be concerned for their safety. While you may not be able to prevent an accident, you can teach them car maintenance tips to make sure their car is running safely.

Car Maintenance Tips

Car maintenace is very important, and it is vital to teach young drivers how to keep their cars in the best possible condition. This will keep them safer on the roads. Here are 3 things that every new driver should learn how to do.

Schedule an Oil Change/Tune Up
This is pretty basic, but it is also important. When your teens or young adults start driving, teaching them how often to have the car serviced by professionals like A&A Transmission will keep their car running for a long time.

Check the Tires
The pressure in the tires on a car impact the gas mileage as well as how the tire wears out over time. Knowing how tell when the tire needs more air, and how much air to put in a tire, can save new drivers a lot of money on gas and new tires.

Check the Fluids
Teaching your young driver to check the fluids in their car is very important. It can help them find a leak before it causes serious damage to the engine.

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If you’re trying to teach your new drivers about car maintenance, A&A Transmission is here to help. Let us handle all the oil and transmission fluid changes, and you can rest assured that your young driver won’t be taken advantage of.