4 Ways You Can Prolong Your Car Transmission Lifespan

4 Ways You Can Prolong Your Car Transmission Lifespan

Oil Changes And Filter Changes Can Prolong Your Car Transmission Lifespan.

One of the most important things for your vehicle is to make sure the transmission is in good shape. Our car’s transmission is what keeps your car operating, so without it, your car will not be able to run. There are ways to protect and prolong your car transmission lifespan when you follow these five easy steps.

Change Your Car’s Oil

This is one way to guarantee your car transmission lifespan lasts for a long time. Oil changes are crucial to keeping your transmission working properly. Having your oil changed by a professional transmission specialist will ensure the oil is done correctly.

Change Out Your Filters

It’s important to change your air filter whenever you get your oil changed. A dirty filter can affect gas mileage and even have an effect on the way your engine performs. You can either change the filter yourself or have a professional take care of it when you have your oil changed.

Protect the Cooling System

This might not seem like it could prolong a transmission lifespan, but it is a very important step in order to keep your transmission running for a long time. Heat is a big problem for a car transmission, so having your cooling system checked every year or two will keep it running efficiently.

Service Your Transmission

It is recommended that you have your car transmission serviced once a year or every 30,000 miles. This can prevent any repairs that could become serious and a great time to top of any fluids and to flush out fluids.

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