5 Signs of a Troubled Transmission

a car on a jack in an auto shopTransmissions can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the signs of a failing transmission system. The transmission is vital to your vehicle’s operation. We don’t want you to get stranded in the summer heat or winter cold with a car that won’t start! Here are five signs of transmission trouble that you should never ignore.


When your transmission slips, it might feel like your car slips out of one gear and into another without you shifting. This can also be accompanied by a whining sound that changes pitch, and a feeling that your car doesn’t have as much power as before.

Trouble Shifting

This pertains to drivers with manual transmissions. If you are having to work hard to change gears, or if you hear a clunking sound when you switch gears, it could be a sign that you need your transmission inspected.

A Delay in Movement

After you switch into gear, does your vehicle take a moment to engage before it begins to move forward? A vehicle with a healthy transmission should start moving as soon as you put it in drive.


Watch for dark spots on your driveway or parking space that suggest a leak. You can tell if the leak is active by placing cardboard or paper under the front/middle part of your car. If you do detect an active leak of transmission fluid, call us right away so that we can get it refilled.

Your Transmission Light

This one is pretty straightforward, but we’re including it for thoroughness. If your transmission light comes on, do not ignore it! There could be a serious problem that requires professional attention.

When you need transmission repair or replacement, give us a call at 405-350-6600! We will be happy to help.