Signs of a Damaged Transfer Case

Found in four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles, the transfer case transfers power from the transmission to your axles. When it develops a problem, you might have trouble switching between two- and four-wheel-drive. Watch out for these signs of a failing or damaged transfer case.

Shifting Gears is Difficult

Damaged Transfer Case

A Damaged Transfer Case can Cause Serious Problems

Is shifting gears difficult? This could be due to a fluid leak or other problem. Whether you shift automatically or manually, inspect your vehicle for signs of a fluid leak. You should also check to make sure the transmission fluid is not burnt. New transmission fluid should be a translucent reddish color, and dark brown means you need it replaced right away.

You Hear Grinding Noises

Grinding noises are never a good sign, especially if they are coming from under your vehicle. This likely indicates that parts are rubbing together due to lack of lubricant. If you have a fluid leak, you need to get your car to an auto shop right away. No one wants to destroy their transmission!

Jumping In and Out of 4WD

If your car switches in and out of four-wheel-drive when it shouldn’t, you should inspect your transfer case as soon as possible. This is often due to broken parts or a significant leak. If you see a reddish fluid beneath your vehicle, this is most likely transmission fluid. Bring your car in to a certified mechanic right away to prevent further damage to your transmission and transfer case.

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