Dangers Of Sleep Deprived Driving

sleep picture moonHave you ever thought about the inherent dangers of driving? We pilot multi-ton vehicles at break-neck speeds every day. Because of this, we need to make sure we drive as safely as we can, recognizing what makes us worse drivers. Everyone knows about the dangers of driving drunk, but did you know that sleep deprived driving has become a huge problem also?


Sleep deprivation has pretty much the exact same effects as alcohol does. It decreases control over motor function, lowers decision making ability and increases bad judgement. Even the Mythbusters have done an episode about it, where they found it impaired a person’s driving more than moderate drinking could.


  • The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll that discovered 60% of participants self-admitted to driving drowsy. 33% of the same participants admitted to passing out/falling asleep behind the wheel in their lifetime.
  • The same organization found that younger adults, parents with younger kids and overnight workers posed the highest risk of sleep deprived driving.

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