Fun Car Facts: Part 2

traffic photoIf you enjoyed our last fun car facts post, you’ll probably enjoy this one as well! Interesting facts about cars never seem to end; we still have so much to learn! Remember, when you need premium transmission repair service, come to the trusted professionals at A&A Transmission! Now, on to the fun car facts:

Did you know?

  • Currently, the world has over A BILLION automobiles in use.
  • Worldwide, over 165 thousand cars get made each and every day.
  • If you average out the number of parts in each type of car, they come to about 30 thousand.
  • Every year in the US, a person spend, on average, about 38 hours stuck in traffic.
  • In 1891, the first automotive accident ever recorded happened in Ohio.
  • The city of Los Angeles has more cars than people to drive them.


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