Fun Car Facts

flame painted carWe’ve had automobiles for quite some time. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, then, that some amusing facts have built up over the years. If you love cars, or just want to hear some interesting information, we’ve put together some fun car facts for your entertainment. Enjoy:


Car Facts:

  • Flat roads made of asphalt originally got introduced for the benefit of cyclists, not motorists.
  • The “Flatmobile” has the record for shortest street legal car at 19 inches high. It got built by Perry Watkins.
  • Stock car racing’s origins come from moonshine runners during prohibition. They modified their cars to outrun the police.
  • The very first recorded traffic death happened in 1896.
  • In Albania, the Mercedes Benz makes up 80% of registered cars.
  • Studies have estimated that about 90% of drivers regularly sing behind the wheel.

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