High Performance Transmission Service

Farm Truck pictureIf you’re looking for a transmission that can handle the track, you’ve found the right shop. Our company specializes in high-performance transmissions; it’s a passion of owner Brian Filippone and his team of technicians, and our customers benefit from our expertise.

The racing community is large in Oklahoma, but if you’re new to the sport, there are a few things that might be helpful to know about your car and its transmission. Most street cars and hot rods use transmissions with sequential gearboxes. In standard manual transmissions, the driver shifts gears in an H pattern. But when you’re racing, time is of the essence (thus the name “racing”), so the gears are shifted with one movement. If, for example, you want to go from second to third gear, you simply shift forward. Going from third to fourth gear? Same movement: forward. And if you’re downshifting to a lower gear, you simply shift backward.

We are skilled experts in all aspects of high-performance transmissions and can set you up with the best one for your racing needs. For the very best high performance transmission service in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area, contact A&A Transmission today!

Transmission rebuilding pros

picture of a carTo rebuild this type of transmission, a technician must be highly trained and experienced. We’ve put together a team of seasoned professionals who can fulfill whatever you’re needing when it comes to transmission work.

Why is a sequential shift so important in the world of racing? Not only does it require less movement and is therefore faster, it’s consistent. There’s also little room for driver error; in standard shifting, you can sometimes accidentally shift into the wrong gear. When racing, that type of thing could cost you a win. Sequential shifting also takes up less room in the car, which is sometimes important when you’re going for maximum speed.

We use the highest-quality racing products at A&A Transmission — and we know exactly how to rebuild your machine so that it delivers maximum performance every time. For the finest high performance transmission service in Oklahoma City, contact our team. We’ll deliver what you need!