Hot Rod Transmission Service

Picture of a Hot RodDid you know that World War II played a huge role in the popularity of hot rods in the United States? This is because many military men returned from the war with a much greater knowledge of machinery and vehicle repair — and a good deal of pent-up energy. Although hot rods saw a decline around 1970 (thanks in part to car manufacturers upping their game to create snazzier models), they’ve since rebounded in a big way.

Although the names “hot rod” and “street rod” are often used interchangeably, hot rods came along first. Furthermore, hot rods — in their early days — were built specifically for racing, while street rods have always been built for all sorts of purposes (including both racing and showing).

Hot rods are modified to produce as much power as possible for straight-line racing. This is where we come in. The technicians at A&A Transmission will rebuild your vehicle’s transmission so that it delivers peak performance every time. We’re proud to offer the most skilled hot rod transmission service in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area, so put us to work for you.

Hot rod history, culture

Hotrod with flamesThe hot-rod phenomenon may not have taken off like it did without specialty magazines devoted to it. The first one, simply titled Hot Rod, was started in 1948, and is still in business today. Its first editor was Wally Parks, who went on to create the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).

We all know what the “look” of the early hot rodd driver entailed: leather jacket, T-shirts, jeans and smokes. It looked rebellious and was meant to imply exactly that tone. In the 1950s, hot rodding had hit its golden age.

In 1970, the first Street Rod Nationals took place in Peoria, Ill. The town was chosen because it provided a fairly central destination point from all parts of the country. (This is where the slogan “All roads lead to Peoria” was coined.) It attracted more than 600 cars and their owners. The event continues to grow; these days, it’s common to see more than 14,000 cars at the Nationals.

A hot rod transmission — built the right way — can make your vehicle stand out from the pack. If you want qualified experts working on your ride, come to A&A Transmission. Call us for the best hot rod transmission service in Oklahoma City!