Street Car Transmission Service and Repair

car doing a "wheelie"Here in Oklahoma, people take street racing very seriously. That’s one reason the Discovery Channel chose Oklahoma City as the location of the show Street Outlaws, which profiles some of the area’s top drivers. (Now in its third season, the show attracts racers from all over the country who strive to beat the high-profile OKC drivers.)

At A&A Transmission, we specialize in rebuilding high-performance systems for street cars and drag racing. We take pride in our work, and it shows in the excellent service you’ll receive. Our pledge to you: Will will never remove a transmission from a vehicle unless it’s absolutely necessary to make a repair. 

For top-quality Oklahoma City street car transmission service, contact A&A Transmission today or stop by to see us. We’re the leading name in street car rebuilding and repair in the area!

Street car maintenance tips

car driving fastOwner Brian Filippone has decades of experience working on both transmissions and general auto repair. (He got bitten by the car-care bug as a teenager, helping his uncle in the shop he owned.) He offers the following tips to keep your transmission running smoothly:

  • Before you get your transmission overhauled, keep in mind that getting a correct diagnosis is crucial. And with today’s computer-controlled models, this isn’t always easy. There are times, for example, when you don’t need a complete overhaul at all; you could just have a bad sensor. This is why it’s important to take your vehicle to a shop that stays up-to-date on the latest technology.
  • Transmission fluid can break down (much like engine oil), especially during the winter months. Clean fluid flows better than the old stuff; older fluid can cause erratic shifting and lubrication problems — and eventually, transmission failure. So it’s important to check your owner’s manual for the recommended service schedule. You can also call us for that sort of information.
  • A&A Transmission performs free diagnostics on vehicles that aren’t running properly. We believe that just finding out about a problem shouldn’t cost you anything if we can help it.

Remember, we specialize in vehicles such as street cars, which demand high-performance transmissions. You won’t find anyone more qualified or experienced in Oklahoma City street car transmission service than A&A Transmission, so put us to work for you today.