How To Keep Your Car’s Transmission In Good Shape

The car transmission is an important part of our car. If we want our car to be able to drive, the transmission has to be in good shape. In order to keep the transmission in good shape, there are a few things that will really make a big difference. Here are a few ways to keep your car’s transmission in good shape.

How To Keep Your Car's Transmission In Good Shape

Keep Your Car Transmission In Good Shape With These Tips.

Stop Before Shifting

When you are putting your car into reverse, it is important to come to a complete stop before you shift from park into reverse or drive into reverse. Not stopping completely before reversing will put a strain on the gears that could’ve easily been prevented.

Avoid Riding the Brake

It might seem safer to drive with your foot on the brake in case you have to brake promptly, but it can actually do more harm than good. When you ride the brake, it can cause the transmission to work harder than it should. Keep your foot on the gas pedal and only use the break pedal when it’s needed.

Check Your Fluid

The transmission fluid and engine oil should be checked regularly, but are seldom done when they are supposed to be. It is important to check your car transmission so it doesn’t lead to expensive repairs.

Routine Car Maintenance

It is important to go in for routine car maintenance in order to keep your car transmission in good shape. Without maintenance, it can lead to costly repairs which could’ve been taken care of had the car gone in for maintenance.

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