Stick shift thwarts car theft

2181382-six-speed-gear-stick-toned-in-blue-shallow-dofNote to all master criminals out there: Before you try to steal a car, you might want to decide if you know how to drive it first.

In a story posted recently on, two gunmen set out to steal a car on a residential street in the town of Paterson. The victim, a 22-year-old man, was approached by the thieves as he pulled up in his car. After ordering him at gunpoint to exit the vehicle, the robbers suddenly realized the car was equipped with a manual transmission, or stick shift — and neither of them knew how to work such a thing. 

According to the story, “the suspects then argued amongst themselves about whether to try to take the vehicle, before finally deciding against it.”

While they did get away with the man’s wallet and jewelry, but not his car. The bandits had to flee on foot. That’s too bad; it would have been amusing for the car owner to watch them lurch forward and backward in what would have been the slowest getaway in car-stealing history.

In any case, here’s hoping that the criminals get caught and thrown behind bars soon. They may stand out a bit; both have Caribbean accents, and one is approximately 300 pounds.