Preparing Your Vehicle For A Cold Winter

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Preparing Your Car For Winter Is A Smart Move!

Cold weather is here, and with the cold weather comes a long list of preparations for our day to day lives. Whether you’ll be moving your winter decorations out of the attic, and switching to flannel sheets, or moving your outdoor potted plants into the house, everyone has a list of to do items when cold weather comes. Did you know that vehicle preparations should also be included? Cold weather can put some wear on your vehicle, but you can make sure it is prepared for anything with the following helpful tips!

Check The Fluids

Of course, you should be checking your vehicle’s fluid regularly, but not everyone has time for that. So, if you only have the time to do it once or twice a year, make the start of cold weather one of those times. This is because cold weather causes most fluids to contract in size slightly, and any leaks or low levels will become quickly apparent.

Adjust Tire Pressure

Another thing that contracts in cold weather is air! This means that the weather change can effect the air pressure in your tires. Be sure to adjust your tire pressure to the optimal levels for the temperature. This helps you prevent too much wear on your treads, and can keep you safer on the road.

Evaluate The Battery

Hot summer months cause lots of wear and tear on your vehicle battery, but the cold weather is usually the catalyst that causes batteries to die. If your battery is over a year old, be sure to check it at the beginning of winter for sings of damage. It may be a good idea to have it replaced to avoid getting stranded in cold weather!

If while checking your vehicle you notice any signs of wear and tear or damage on your transmission, give our team a call at 405-350-6600 and schedule an appointment!