Rear Differential Rebuilds and Repair Service

corvetteYour vehicle’s differential, in the simplest terms, allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds, thereby making it easy and efficient to make turns. For example, if you’re making a right turn, the inner wheels will need to rotate slower than the outer wheels. A differential gear system takes care of this for you.

But who came up with such a handy mechanism? It’s believed that the earliest version of a differential was invented in ancient China — perhaps as early as 1050 BC.

The south-pointing chariot was a two-wheeled cart which featured a doll or figure with an outstretched arm. The pointer was supposed to always face the south, no matter what direction the cart was rolling. This was most likely accomplished by a geared mechanism, making the south-pointing chariot the first-ever of differentials.

Of course, technology and know-how have vastly improved since then, but the same general process that is said to have regulated those chariots still works for your vehicle today. Still, rear differentials don’t last forever; they need to be lubricated regularly to continue to function well. If you’re looking for Oklahoma City rear differential rebuilds and repair, call our team of experts at A&A Transmission.

Signs that you may need a differential rebuild

Each of our highly trained transmission technicians can quickly diagnose any issues you may be having with your differential. The signs that things might be going wrong include the following:

Is your car or truck making an odd noise (such as a clunking sound) during turns? This could be an indication that your differential gears are rubbing together and grinding down.

Does the differential seem to be running at a hotter temperature? You could need more fluid; a lower level requires more effort, which will eventually wear out the differential prematurely.

Has your vehicle frozen up while in motion? This is very dangerous, and it could be a signal that your differential has failed.

Keep in mind that many problems with your engine or any related parts can start out small but will only get worse over time. Consider saving yourself the hassle and expense by having them addressed promptly. Our experts at A&A Transmission are proud of the reputation we’ve earned for rear differential rebuilds and repair in Oklahoma City and the entire area. There’s no transmission-related issue we can’t solve!