The Signs Of A Bad Differential

photo of DifferentialDifferentials are key components of your vehicle. These allow your wheels to spin at varied speeds, giving you control and the ability to drive your vehicle. When these break down, it can cause big problems for you and your vehicle. Rebuild or replacement may become necessary when you aren’t expecting. How can you tell if your differential is going bad or needs replacement? At A&A Transmission, we know it is important that you stay informed about your vehicle. We have noted some situations that indicate it is time for service.

Signs Your Differential Needs Service

  • Whining, whirring, and howling are all noises indicating wear to your differential. If you hear these, note what the sound is to your approximation for your service tech. This will allow them to find the exact issue.
  • Clunking and banging means something is broken. It may be a gear or it may be a shaft. Regardless, this noise means a repair is required.
  • Have you noticed any vibrations while driving? While this may be your suspension, it may be your differential as well. This is an unsafe driving situation, so have it taken to your local shop as soon as possible.

Remember to always note the noise you have heard or the change in the drive handling. Such indicators can help your service technician pinpoint the exact problem with the vehicle. Sometimes, a rebuild is necessary for your differential. For these times, call A&A Transmission at 405-350-6600! We are your local transmission and differential experts.