Transfer Case Rebuilding and Repair Service

Jeep going offroadingOut of sight, out of mind: Most drivers give very little thought to their vehicle’s transfer case. In fact, some may not even be aware that they have such a thing. But if you own a four-wheel drive, the car or truck definitely has a transfer case. Like the name implies, this device transfers some of the power from the back wheels up to the front, which engages your four-wheel drive. (A transfer case is also commonly referred to as a “transfer gearbox,” a “transfer box” or a “jockey box.”)

Because transfer cases require fluid — and regular changing of the fluid to keep it fresh — you should have it checked every time you go for an oil change. If the level is low, you probably have a leak somewhere. Any such issue should be taken care of right away; ignoring it could lead to problems with your power train.

If you’re looking for the best transfer case rebuild and repair service in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area, we’re the team to call! Put our expertise to work for you today.

When your transfer case needs repairing

Woman Driving With DogThere are several signs that indicate a failing transfer case. Among the most common:

  • When you’re changing gears or driving at a higher speed, your vehicle makes an odd noise, such as a squeal.
  • The vehicle tends to lurch ahead, or it could shimmy on the road.
  • When you step on the gas and try to shift gears, it simply spins instead of doing its proper job.
  • Along those lines, your vehicle may suddenly pop out of gear while on the road.
  • In cold weather, the area near the front of the vehicle makes unusual noises.
  • Seals show signs of leaking.
  • The vehicle won’t easily shift into lower or higher gears like it used to.

Our highly trained transmission technicians will pinpoint your issue and take care of it, whether you need fluid replacement in the transfer case, a leak repair or a rebuilding of the unit. Transfer cases tend to wear out at different times, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, so it should be looked at by a professional to determine what you need.

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