4X4 Repair

Dirty 4x4 JeepPeople who own 4X4 vehicles often use them for off-road fun or racing, so the transmission needs to be in excellent condition at all times. Call or come by our shop for this type of work; owner Brian Filippone and his team have rebuilt or repaired countless four-wheel drive transmissions over the years.

Fun fact: The first four-wheel drive car was built in 1903 by two Dutch brothers, Jacobus and Hendrik-Jan Spijker. They named the vehicle the Spyker 60 H.P., changing the “ij” portion of their name to “y” to make it more marketable internationally. (The two-seater remains on display in The Netherlands.) By World War II, the Jeep was the most popular four-wheel drive vehicle on Earth, thanks to its use in the military.

If your vehicle is in need of transmission service, contact A&A Transmission today for help. We are highly trained in all aspects of 4X4 repair and are known for excellent four-wheel drive service in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. Put us to work for you!

Four-wheel drive repair services

Off-roading truckIn case you didn’t know, there’s a difference between a four-wheel drive vehicle (4WD) and an all-wheel drive model. The four-wheel drive comes with two differentials (front and rear) as well as a transfer case, while an AWD has three differentials (front, rear and center), all of which provide power to the four wheels.

We are the experts to call for repairs on either type of vehicle — both of which provide better acceleration and traction than two-wheel drives. Our services include draining and refilling your transfer case and differentials with fresh fluids, along with performing a complete inspection of your transmission to make sure there aren’t any potential issues that need addressing. Taking care of such matters before they become major problems will save you a lot of time and money.

Every technician at our shop is highly trained and qualified to deliver expert service for your vehicle, whether you have a manual or automatic transmission. For honest, top-quality 4X4 repair, A&A Transmission can’t be beat. Contact us today for premium four-wheel drive service in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.