Automatic Flywheel Replacement

Old-Timey CarWhen your flywheel starts to go in an automatic transmission, you’ll probably begin having problems with shifting or starting the vehicle.

The flywheel, which is connected to the crankshaft and the torque converter, sends power from the engine to the transmission. In automatic systems, the flywheel is also known as the “flexplate”, but has essentially the same function as it does with manual transmissions.

Like any other part of a vehicle, it can become worn down over time. Common issues include cracking, warping or gear-teeth breakage.

These problems could be exacerbated depending on the type of driving you may be doing. Many people are unaware of the effects that city driving can have on the life of your vehicle’s parts; in the case of the flywheel, extra stopping and starting can heat up and cool down the part, which reduces its life-span.

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Trusted flywheel replacement service

Chrysler logoAt A&A Transmission, we are highly trained and knowledgeable about every part of your vehicle’s machinery. That includes the flywheel, of course. This isn’t often a do-it-yourself repair job; simply getting to it under the hood is a job in and of itself. In automatic transmissions, several parts have to be removed — including the transmission itself.

Do you think your flywheel may have issues? There are some fairly common symptoms and signs to watch for. Try taking a stethoscope and listen to the bell housing when the engine is in on. If you hear any unusual sounds within the bell housing (colloquial for an area of the transmission) , you may need a flywheel replacement.

In addition, if you hear a grinding noise as you drive, this could be coming from broken gear teeth. Further deterioration could result in not being able to even start your vehicle, so it should be looked at as soon as possible.

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