Automatic Transmission Repair Service

Muscle CarMany drivers know very little, if anything, about how an automatic transmission works. While that’s fine — we all have our different strengths and skill sets — it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of your transmission so you won’t be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous mechanic. Learning about such complex parts often proves easiest in increments.

Your transmission is made up of the following main components, all of which work together to provide power from the engine down to the wheels:

  • Bellhousing: This is the case that covers the flywheel and the torque converter.
  • Gears: You may not know it, but an automatic transmission also changes gears; you just don’t need to manually make that happen.
  • Fluid:  This is what makes your system run smoothly, so it’s important to have the fluid checked and replaced when it starts to deteriorate. In most cases, fresh transmission fluid will be red.
  • Filter: This helps to keep your fluid cleaner.

Most transmission issues can’t really be repaired by anyone except for a certified professional in the industry. Our team has many years of experience and training, so you can trust us to provide the best automatic transmission repair service in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. 

Signs of transmission trouble

autotrans2There may come a day when your vehicle is going to need a transmission rebuild. But before you take such a drastic (and expensive) step, try other measures, such as replacing the filter. In addition, you should take heed off the following warning signs and have them addressed as quickly as possible:

Hesitation on the road: If your vehicle doesn’t want to go into gear right away, there could definitely be something wrong with your automatic transmission.

A whining, buzzing or humming noise: Simply put, your vehicle should not be making any sound like this if it’s running properly.

Leaking fluid: The most common cause of transmission failure is a lack of fluid, which has drained out over time. Automatic transmission fluid lubricates and cleans the seals; without it, your engine can seize up.

A burning smell: If your transmission is overheating, the result is often a burning smell from under the hood. Again, the overheating can be caused by a lack of fresh fluid.

“Check engine” light: Never ignore this warning sign; it’s trying to help you avoid costly repairs in the future and doesn’t come on without a valid reason.

Slipping gears: When your automatic transmission suddenly shifts into neutral or a different gear while you’re driving, this indicates that the link holding the gears is worn out or broken. Such an issue needs to be repaired quickly, since it could be dangerous.

Whatever your transmission-related needs are, A&A Transmission is here to help! We offer trustworthy, top-quality automatic transmission repair service in Oklahoma City; contact us today for more information about our services, or just come by our shop.