Manual Flywheel Resurfacing

manualfly2Have you ever watched a potter’s wheel spin as he or she forms the clay? You’ll notice that once the wheel gets going, it continues rotating by itself, thanks to the storage of kinetic energy. This was one of the earliest uses of the flywheel, which can now be found in a variety of machines.

In vehicles, the flywheel connects to the engine and keeps it spinning even when the driver isn’t using the accelerator. It basically helps your car or truck run smoothly rather than coming to a jerking halt.

When your flywheel is starting to wear¬†down, you might detect extra noises from the engine, including a chattering sound. Our trained technicians will fix the problem for you quickly and effectively. So if you’re in need of manual flywheel resurfacing in Oklahoma City, contact A&A Transmission today for expert assistance!

Why a flywheel needs fixing

manualfy1When a flywheel becomes discolored, those areas on the surface are known as “hot spotting.” The longer you drive with hot spotting, the worse the spots get — and the louder your engine becomes as a reaction to the unevenness.

When you’re replacing your clutch, it’s often a good idea to also have the flywheel resurfaced at the same time. We will grind the wheel down so that it’s even, clean metal again.

A couple of suggestions to ensure that you’re working with a trained, accomplished mechanic when it comes to flywheel resurfacing:¬†Have him measure it in front of you before any work is done. That specific measurement, done with a certain tool, should be able to be repeated several times in a row.

Also, make sure that once it’s resurfaced, the flywheel will be flat and uniform across the entire surface, rather than getting deeper in the middle.

We’re very confident in our skills relating to all aspects of transmission work, so feel free to ask us as many questions as you like. Our team is proud of its stellar reputation in Oklahoma City. Manual flywheel resurfacing should only be done by professionals if you want a great finished product, so please keep us in mind for the job!