Shift Kit Installations

fast carDo you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission, and would like to get better gas mileage? Consider having a shift kit installed. We have a qualified, professional mechanic available to perform this service for you.

Shift kits, which are widely used in high-performance vehicles, are also a great option for everyday driving as well. Why? First, an explanation of how your transmission operates without it: Manufacturers have designed these vehicles to intentionally slip between gears in order to make the smoothest transition possible. They call this “shift overlap.” It all sounds fine, but shift overlap results in a reduction in power to your wheels, added wear on the clutch discs and extra heat in the transmission. It also requires more gas.

A shift kit takes care of these issues in an automatic transmission by modifying the shifting timing, thereby making the components work more efficiently and increasing fuel efficiency. The pros at A&A Transmission can answer any questions you may have about shift kit installations. In Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, we are the team to call for excellent transmission service.

More benefits of shift kits

car with shift kitBesides the added fuel economy, a shift kit can extend the life of your transmission as well. And it’s not a time-consuming process to put in place; most shift kit installations can be finished in just a few hours. 

A little-known fact: Owners of high-performance vehicles such as hot rods will often have shift kits installed not only in their “show” cars, but in their everyday models as well. And why wouldn’t they? A shift kit improves a vehicle’s performance, greatly reduces shift overlap and cuts down on the heat that builds up in the transmission during slippage. (But note that shift kits won’t repair a faulty transmission problem; they should only be installed in properly-working systems.)

A&A Transmission is proud to be affiliated with the non-profit Automatic Transmission Rebuilder Association (ATRA), and we regularly attend their seminars to stay updated on the latest advances in the industry. This results in better service for our valued customers.

We’re the experts to call for shift kit installations in Oklahoma and the surrounding area, so let us get started on your vehicle today! Give us a call and get a qualified, professional mechanic on the job.