Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

transmission fluid vehicleTransmission fluid, much like any other fluid, will deteriorate over time. Having it checked and replaced on a regular basis will extend the life of your transmission. But did you know that certain driving habits — hauling heavy loads, frequent stop-and-go situations, using a trailer — will speed up the fluid’s deterioration?

This is because of heat. When your vehicle has to exert more power in those situations, the fluid has to work harder to lubricate all of the moving parts. The fluid, which is normally red when it’s fresh, turns darker with more use. Our team of experts can quickly determine whether yours is in need of replacing, and we will take care of the issue with speed and efficiency. We’ll inspect every part of the transmission area, including the torque converter and transmission cooler, to make sure everything is in proper order A&A Transmission is the shop to contact for transmission fluid exchange service in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area. Our mechanics are top quality; call us today!

When do you need a fluid exchange?

car on the roadWhen your transmission fluid starts to go bad, you’ll notice a few signs. You may detect a burning odor, for example, or you notice dirt or debris in the fluid. We will exchange it for clean, fresh fluid, adhering to the specifications of your make and model. (Some automatic transmissions, for example, require a filter change along with the fluid swap.)

Although a transmission fluid exchange is a healthy step to take for the life of your vehicle, it won’t fix every potential problem; if your gears are slipping or you’re noticing other mechanical problems, simply having the fluid cleaned or changed will not be all you need to do.

That being said, it’s still a vital step in keeping your vehicle’s parts in working order for years to come. Trust the pros at A&A Transmission to check your fluid, replace it when necessary, change out old or dirty filters and to fix any leaks. We are proud to provide the highest-quality transmission fluid exchange service in Oklahoma City by professional mechanics, so contact us today for help!